Feeding Instructions

Feeding Instructions



No Mixing
Thrive Feed is not normal horse feed. You cannot mix it with normal horse feed to make your own combination, like you can with ordinary feeds. The results you see and hear others obtaining are only available if Thrive is used as advised and directed.
Thrive Feed has a different changeover system to normal horse feed. When you are ready to changeover, you feed only hay and water for 24 hours, then start Thrive Feed at the recommended initial feeding rate.
Feeding Quantities
The rule of thumb for starting horses who are at a normal weight is 4lbs per 1000lbs body weight per day. For rescue horses, just feed free choice as much as they will eat. They will self-regulate as they recover from starvation.

Feeding Rates

The feeding of this product is very flexible and extremely safe. By starting off at 4 pounds per 1000 pounds body weight, and then varying the quantity by inspection of your horse's condition, it will not take very long to work out the quantity just right for your horse or horses. The initial feeding quantity assumes a low work lifestyle for your horse. As the work increases, you increase the amount of feed to supply the energy required to complete the higher level of effort without weight loss.

Feeding Problems

The degree of acceptance to this product by your horse or horses is going to be governed by many factors. The most common reported issue regarding rejection of this feed by horses has been when they have been previously fed a ration containing oil or molasses. It appears horses are reluctant to give up the sugar addiction in favor of eating their vegetables. Up to five days may be required to get them to accept the natural flavor of Thrive Feed. This problem never happens with starved horses!

How safe is it? 
To give you an idea of how safe this feed is, it is not uncommon for foals 5 days old to chow down on their mother's ration without any issues whatsoever. Even a foal has no problems assimilating this fantastic tool for success!  Avalon, pictured on the right, is a big gentle giant. He slept all day after consuming 3 bags or 120 pounds of Thrive Feed he stole one night. He never moved all the next day, then at about 6pm got up, had a drink, and looked for dinner. His actions really highlighted just how safe this product is. There were no problems observed with him except a lot of poop!

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For other areas, please visit ThriveFeed.com/dealers.


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