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Who: Four chosen trainers from the Southeast and four rescued horses randomly assigned
What: 120 day training period, followed by an in-hand and under saddle competition
When: Training June 7th – October 4th, Competition on October 5th
Where: UGA Livestock Arena, Athens, GA
Why: To promote awareness about rescue horses and give four special horses the training they need to be adopted into loving, forever homes

This year, Kira DeRosa of Horses Naturally Speaking – Genesis Farm in Cumming, GA, is one of the four trainers.
Her horse partner is Skittles, a 10 year old abandonded paint mare.

Please use this link for sponsorship:  Team Skittles!  (Enter under my name: Kira DeRosa)

We would like to thank one of our main sponsors of Team Skittles:  doversaddlery

"Let me know if you have any questions.  I am so excited to be a part of this challenge and can't wait to see how Skittles progresses over the next few months!"

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